Saturday, January 12, 2018 | Trillium Turf
Westside Strikers

Harps FC

  • M. Kirwan (10')
  • S. Delaney (20')
  • D. Brennan (30')
  • R. Jay (35')
  • D. Bowes (90')
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Westside Strikers

Westside Strikers FC

  • 🍆 (40', 65' 75', 85', 88')
VMSL 2nd Division

BDD’s night, ruined by Sloppy Seconds

The Striker boys were coming back from their first loss of the season ready to make things right. In front of them were a group of misfits straight out of The Big Green. Returning to the line up from finally finishing off the last drop of milk from his baby bottle was JB. The Irish magician was also back on the pitch, returning from a visit to his homeland and vacationing in a place that only gets 3 hours of sunlight; it’s the first time I’ve seen someone come back from a vacation lighter than when they left. 

The warm up went well and the Strikers seemed like they were firing from all cylinders, ready to turn the losing streak around; there was even a secondary inspirational speech by Gandalf Gavin himself to get the boys even more fired up before the game. From the beginning of the game, it seemed as if the Strikers were back to their winning ways, but the promising result soon slipped away, like Phoebe’s owners’ independence.  


The Strikers succumbed to the Sloppy Seconds syndrome. Simply put, turning off for a few “sloppy” seconds, allowing The Big Green to score the first goal. Nothing to worry about, the Strikers are good at coming back from a deficit…if anything, it seems like they thrive on it. But, unfortunately, the sloppy seconds turned into sloppy minutes! Suddenly, the 1-0 score line turned into 2-0……then 3-0…… then 4-0!!   

Luckily, 2 minutes before half time RD’s supervisor was taken down in the box, allowing BDD to slot his PK past the keeper.  

4-1 for The Big Green at half time.  

During the half time break, although disappointed, the Strikers rallied, believing they could come back from the 4-1 deficit; there was no way The Big Green could take the 3 points away.  

From start of the second half, the Strikers pressed and it seemed like the ball didn’t cross their half until midway through the 65th minute. The chances kept coming for the Strikers, but no one was able to put it past The Big Green goalie: 


I’m not sure when the scoring took place but at around the 70th minute mark, BDD took the game in to his own hands and scored his second goal to bring the score to 4-2. There was life again for the Strikers and the goals kept on coming from BDD. His Egg Plant energy kept growing, like PV’s Eggplant during his alleged triple encounter, and a minute later BDD maneuvered his way to make it not only 4-3, but 2 minutes later 4-4!!  

Maybe it was Connor’s Irish luck he brought back from Ireland but BDD could not be stopped. His attempted cross in the last few minutes curled towards the goalie and went in to the top corner and the Strikers were up 5-4!! What a come back!  

Almost sure of their win, the Strikers started passing the ball around from the defenders up to the midfield and forwards and back until Connor decided to also include the referee in the OLE shouts coming from the crowd; but the referee had other plans in mind. Once the ball got to his feet, he passed the ball back to the Big Green allowing them to cross half for the first time since the 65th minute. All of a sudden, number 28 from the Strikers once again came down with the Sloppy Seconds Syndrome and fouled a player outside of the box… in turn leading to a corner kick and with the few seconds of extra time dwindling down, The Big Green took their only chance of the second half and headed the ball in to the Strikers goal. The comeback of the century had been ruined, all because of the Sloppy Seconds syndrome. I hope BDD is able to forgive us from ruining this historic performance.