Saturday November 30, 2019 | Jericho Turf
Westside Strikers

Westside Strikers

0 3
Westside Strikers

NVFC Norvan Storm A

  • N. Harte (45')
  • B. Beaulieu (51')
  • D. Hooper (70')
Match Report, VMSL 1st Division

what it means to be a Striker

Matchy – I accept my punishments gentlemen.  

It becomes clear that Div 1 is about thirds. The first third being played against teams whose players are younger than you are. The second third being played against those who are younger than you and also play for College or University teams. And presumably the third third, playing against the teams that have lost their varsity players again.  

We found ourselves in the second third but it would become glaringly clear that the full 90 minutes would end up sounding something like this… 

The one positive note is that we didn’t have to play the game in the monsoon that we found ourselves in when we travelled to Norvan the first time. (kyle do they actually call northvan norvan?) 

I think most of the game was forgettable for us, it was miserably cold, our touches didn’t seem to lend us any aid. And for the most part we let ourselves down by being held scoreless for the second game in a row. We defended against what seemed to be constant 1v1s, and confident ball movement.  

I will say this though. I am proud to lose with you all. Proud to lose 3-0 when it means playing the game with some tenacity. Proud to lose when we are tackled and don’t cry out in agony. Proud that we don’t fish for calls or try to win over a referee to give us the benefit of the doubt by him saying “well he’s fallen 5 times, it must have been a foul this time” 

No one likes being scored on, No one likes losing. But if we have to, we do it with pride, we do it like men, and we do it together. We have ourselves to blame, and ourselves to ask to work harder for one another next time. 

It means something to be a Striker, and that’s why we’re here. And even though I still don’t know what it means, I know what it means to be a Striker, 

Iens Efficio Vos